"I called you but you didn't answer!"

Translation:Je t'ai appelé mais tu n'as pas répondu !

July 20, 2020

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Duo can be so inconsistent with regards to spelling errors. I understand and am OK with getting dinged for writing "appellé" instead of "appelé" but then other small misspellings will be marked as right albeit with a little correction. Weird.


Ive just been dinged for the same typo. Ive reported it but i can understand why they might reject it.


What is wrong with "Je t'ai téléphoné, mais tu n'as pas répondu !" ?


Why is it tu n'as pas instead of tu n'avais pas?


Duo wrote the words from which to choose the sentence so here was only apple here therefore you can't mark it wrong. it was your mistake. you didn't give another option

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