"J'aimerais visiter un château aussi vieux."

Translation:I would like to visit such an old castle.

July 20, 2020

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Sorry, Duo Team, but 'I would like to visit such an old castle' is not good English. You might accept '... a castle as old' or '... a castle as old as this', but the accepted phrase sounds like someone who doesn't speak English. Thanks.


Why would « aussi vieux » come after the noun?


This sentence doesn't work in English


Does "aussi" here modify "vieux" to be more impactful/powerful or is it saying "an old castle like this one"


It actually means aussi vieux que ça, a manner of comparison, which is indeed a way to be more impactful. You would say also in english that old or so old.

   Tu es patient, je ne pourrais pas attendre aussi longemps.
   Je n'avais jamais vu de maison aussi grande.
   Je ne connais personne d'aussi gentil que toi.


A castle as old as this one, Rnbw....

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