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  5. "Miksi limonadi on tuolla?"

"Miksi limonadi on tuolla?"

Translation:Why is the soda pop over there?

July 20, 2020



I noticed that bot voice pronounces the "a" correctly in the nominative but not in the partitive.


Hmm? I haven't noticed this at all... The "a" sounds just fine to me.


It pronouns it like "a" in limonadi, but like "ei" in limonadia. Many users have commented on it. Unless it has been corrected, that is.


Oh right, that! Hasn't been corrected, and I don't know how they could manage that since it's the same mistake that the TTS voice used by Google makes.


Lemonade, not soda pop. What is soda pop/pop soda ?


It is actually how Finns refer to soda. I suspect that the first sodas they had were sparkling lemonades, and when Coca-Cola was introduced to the country when Finland hosted the Olympics, Finns just considered it a new flavor of the "limonadi" they were already familiar with. I may be wrong though.


Nowadays it's mostly limu or limsa

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