"Tha sia bàtaichean agad."

Translation:You have six boats.

July 20, 2020

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Its confusing cause this gives the plural of boat (bàta) as both bhàta and bàtaichhean. I don't understand why that is. Also the same with the plural for pigs being both mucan and mhuc


When we add hints, they get added to every instance of that word in the course. Usually, the relevant hint is the one at the top of the list (although sometimes it bugs a little and shows them in the wrong order). In Gaelic, we have two words for most plurals, where English only has one. The 'normal' plural version begins with the number three and upwards:

  • aon bàta > one boat
  • dà bhàta > two boats
  • trì bataichean > three boats
  • ceithir bataichean > four boats

  • aon muc > one pig
  • dà mhuc > two pigs
  • trì mucan > three pigs
  • ceithir mucan > four pigs


By this, would it by "aon charaid" and "dà charaid" but "trì charadean"?

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