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"À l'école maternelle, on s'asseyait en cercle."

Translation:In preschool, we used to sit in a circle.

July 20, 2020



In British English we also use the terms 'nursery school' and 'play school'.


... and playgroup! I dare say there are any number of names. Kindergarten has made its way to some parts of the UK.

I went to nursery school, a structured one which was more school-like, which was 3+, whereas my kids went to playgroup, which (depending on the sessions) they could go to from babyhood - with a parent/babysitter. It adapted the sessions depending on age, making it more "academic" as an intro to primary school (aka the separate infant and junior schools that I went to). Theirs is so small there are only 3 classes from 4-11!

I find that the naming and make-up of school systems to be very localised, even with a national curriculum. It's no wonder I get confused by other countries' systems and school names! The French collège often throws me.


In American English we say nursery school, preschool, Head Start, and pre-K.


At preschool, we used to sit in a circle. ==> Also accepted.


At nursery school we used to sit in a circle - is accepted

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