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  5. "Where are you sitting?"

"Where are you sitting?"

Translation:Missä te istutte?

July 20, 2020



Is it just me, or do these verb inflections for persons and numbers (i.e. for minä, sinä, hän, & me, te, he) seem similar to Slavic ones? For example, Russian. They are just so logical and intuitive to me... ^^


I have the same feeling. All the process of learning Finnish is a real pleasure and treasure ;) for me. For me Finnish is more logical and intuitive than English and other Roman languages. One of my favourites in Finnish - it has no articles at all (like a, an, the in English)! Sometimes this fact makes me dance, 'cause even after a decade of knowing English on a rather high level I often forget to put them in right time and place. In Finnish I don't worry about them, like in my native Russian))) Also I love Finnish words, that pronounce exactly like they spell.


It would make more sense to have the question say, "Where are you all sitting?"


Why not: " Missä istutteko te"?


The question ending -ko (or -kö) is used when you wait an answer yes or no: "Istutteko te?" = "Are you sitting?" If there is another question word, like "missä?", the ending -ko cannot be added.


"Miksi sinä istut?" should be accepted too.


"miksi" means "why" not "where". "missä sinä istut" should be accepted


You are right, I'm sorry for my mistake. Sometimes I do not notice what I write. Of course, "where" means "missä", not "miksi".


Yes, missä sinä istut should be accepted as well. "You" in english is also singular and plural

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