"Dans ce sac, il y a la robe dont je me débarrasse."

Translation:In this bag, there is the dress that I'm getting rid of.

July 20, 2020

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What is the difference here of "dont" from "que"? Are they synonymous and interchangeable? If not, please help me see the difference


Se débarasser is always followed by the preposition de which makes its object an indirect object.
Que is used for direct objects.
Dont is used for indirect objects introduced by de.


I was a little curious about this as well. I figured out the meaning and use of "dont" by reading books and newspapers, but I guess I did not fully understand its use.

Je me débarrasse de cette table. (I rid myself of this table)

C'est la table dont je me débarrasse. (I believe this is a grammatically correct sentence)

Is it possible also to say "C'est la table de que je me débarrasse." Or is this grammatically incorrect?


Is it possible also to say "C'est la table de que je me débarrasse." Or is this grammatically incorrect?

No, it doesn't work. But...

If you start with J'ai peur du noir, you can say either c'est ce dont j'ai peur or c'est de ça que j'ai peur.

I think it has to do with the demonstrative.

Je me débarasse de cette table.
  C'est cette table dont je me débarasse.
  C'est de cette table que je me débarasse.


can one use: throwing out rather than "getting rid of" for débarrasse"


I mentally think of dont meaning "of which". "This is the table of which I'm getting rid." This gives me the correct meaning. If I need to render it into proper English, that's just another simple step. "This is the table I'm getting rid of."


Your first version's perfect; why corrupt it by needlessly moving the preposition to the end?


To annoy the ghost of Churchill?


To make the English less clumsy, why. couldn't this translate as: I'm getting rid of the dress that's in this bag


Indeed, or even "The dress that I'm getting rid of is in this bag". Starting the sentence with "In this bag" introduces an element of high drama that only a magician would use.


Doesn't 'discard' mean the same thing as 'get rid of'? Seems less clumsy


duolingo has this addiction to ending English sentences with a proposition. Poor form, guys.

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