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  5. "I often speak English."

"I often speak English."

Translation:Minä puhun usein englantia.

July 20, 2020



Why is "Minä usein puhun Englantia" wrong? Are frequency adverbs always supposed to go AFTER the verb they refer to? Thanks.


Minä usein puhun englantia emphasizes puhun. I speak English often, but not necessarily read or write it often. Minä puhun usein englantia emphasizes englantia. It's English I speak often, not French or Finnish.

The English sentence can easily be interpreted either way, but the course only accepts the latter interpretation currently.

EDIT: Maybe Minä usein puhun englantia might be a word order most seen in poetry, not normal speech.

The emphasis given by this word order can be alternatively achieved with a normal word order by stressing the word puhun. English uses this same method, taking the primary accent off of "English" and putting it onto "speak".


I can't get the Finnish word order? Where do I put the frequency participants, like aina, usein etc.?

[deactivated user]

    The word order isn't really strict. It can be also "Puhun englantia usein."


    Thanks. Is it a completely free choice or does it depend what you want to emphasise?

    [deactivated user]

      Pretty much the same as in English, different emphasis.


      Thank you, that clarifies things.

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