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"Why are you painting such a weird picture?"

Translation:Miksi maalaat niin outoa taulua?

July 20, 2020



I thought that "sinä" is optional. I was surprised that "Miksi sinä maalaat niin outoa taulua?" was considered incorrect


You are right, "sinä" is optional. The course is just missing a lot of alternative translations as of now.


Same here, Gareth. They're totally inconsistent on that one!


On is a verb form (form of 'to be'). In this sentence maalaat is the verb, you don't need a second one.


Miksi maalaat on niin outoa taloa. why this answer is incorrect and we ommit `on' here


The "on" does not belong in the sentence. Directly translated, your sentence would be: "Why are you painting is such a weird house?".


Why not? "Miksi sinä maalatko niin outoa taulua?"


"Maalaatko" means "Do you paint...?" Adding the "ko" at the end of the conjugated verb turns it into a question. "Miksi sinä" means "Why do you...?" Putting them together in the same sentence wouldn't work.


In questions, does it sound more natural to ommit pronouns or to use them? Or does it depend on what you want the emphasis to be on?


Depends. If it's a short question, like "laulatko?", "tiskaatteko?" etc. they'd sound much better with pronouns. So, "laulatko sinä?", "tiskaatteko te?". Otherwise, I don't see that there's much difference, other than for emphasis, as you said. In spoken language it's common to include the pronouns, although they have different forms then, of course (e.g. "laulatsä?"/"laulaksä?", "tiskaatteks te?").


Some of the other choices were amusing. It would be a strange activity to paint a strange sausage anyhow. :D

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