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Łį́į́' bug on Navajo.

Yet again, I have attempted to answer this question on Navajo and have had the correct answer disqualified. I ran into this problems yesterday, wherebI had one hour carved out of my life trying to work round a bug that apparently haa existed for over a year.

I tried to report this on the troubleshooting site but it doesn't work either.

So I will be attempting this question every day until it is fixed, reporting here in a probably vain attempted to bring attention to this ridiculous issue. To-day's date: 06-20-2020

July 20, 2020



This marks the second day since I started tracking how long it takes to fix the problem with "Łį́į́'" in the Navajo application. Still waiting.


Day 3. Tried to pass this discrepancy again with the same, predictable result. Doubt this will ever get fixed, which is sad.


Day four. Still nothing. No response. No nothing.

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