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  5. "Kylmät purot ovat jäässä."

"Kylmät purot ovat jäässä."

Translation:The cold streams are frozen.

July 20, 2020



Is the definite article essential here? If so, what would be the translation for 'cold streams are frozen'?


I think you need it in the English. You are referencing those of the streams that are frozen. Some streams might not be. I can't vouch for the translation, but think it would be the same in both cases.


Does it literally mean that it is "in ice"? Is there any additional way to say that it is frozen or the only way is to say "in ice"? I am asking because in Russian we can say both.


You could say "Kylmät purot ovat jäätyneet" (The cold streams have frozen), but "olla jäässä" is more common

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