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"Korean is a handsome language."

Translation:Korea on komea kieli.

July 20, 2020



What is a "handsome language"?


I think it's just to remind us that komea is a word to remember (spaced repetition) and just a random word to describe a sentence


Still in English "handsome language" sounds very unnatural to me. So does that mean that in Finnish, komea/handsome can be used interchangeably with kaunis/beautiful when describing things?


What is spaced repetition? I'm not a native speaker.


Spaced repetition is a sort of repetition system that is essentially repetition between increasing intervals. (Mostly used along with flash cards.)

For example, you learn a word today. (Let's say it's komea.) Then the next day, you try to translate the word. (Either you translate it from English or from Finnish. I prefer English to Finnish.) If you translate it correctly, you can move on to other things. (Maybe like learning another word. Let's say kaunis.)

The next two days (-- by the way, I'm following the Leitner Böx technique --), you see the word again. If you translate it correctly again, then you leave it for four days. If you don't, then you leave it for tomorrow instead. As you study, don't forget about other words (or other tasks). (That's why spaced repetition is useful: you don't need to waste time studying something that you already know.)

Keep doubling the amount of days that you leave a word for until you reach 64 days. If you correctly translate a word that you would have left for 64 days, then you can be sure that you know that word and may then stop studying it.

The point of spaced repetition is one, to not waste time studying things you already know, and two, to reduce a concept called the forgetting curve. Basically how easy it is, within a certain time span, to forget something you've learned.


Something like that it sounds nice or or looks nice


Not a right sentence in English


And I was hoping they were smart enough to get rid of this "handsome language" crap.


Olen korealainen mutta I cant understand tämä lause.

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