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"Mies, jota ajattelen, on rehellinen ja komea."

Translation:The man whom I am thinking of is honest and handsome.

July 20, 2020



Whom really doesn't belong here and sounds like broken English. It is more natural to say "The man I am thinking of is honest and handsome".


Yes, if the somewhat dated "whom" is used for the sake of being really "proper", then also not dangling the preposition is better - "the man of whom I am thinking is honest and handsome." But that's also pretty awkward. What you wrote above is most natural, but "The man who I am thinking of" or "The man that I am thinking of" both work pretty well if Duolingo's point is to keep things word for word as much as is maximally possible...


Whom is not colloquial in modern English. It may be used in very formal written English, but otherwise feels a bit pretentious.


"The man that I am thinking of is honest and handsome." should also be accepted. Reported.


Leaving out the whom in this form is much more common and correct.

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