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  5. "pitkä mies, pitkä laulu"

"pitkä mies, pitkä laulu"

Translation:a tall man, a long song

July 20, 2020


[deactivated user]

    No need at all for the "a" here


    Shouldn't "tall man, long song" work, too?


    Is that some kind of common saying? Like "A big journey for a big ship"? Or it's just an exercise.


    It's just to illustrate how "pitkä" works, I guess. That if a person is tall, they are "pitkä", and if something is long, it's also "pitkä". However, if something is very high, like a building or something, then the word "korkea" is used.


    Excuse me, what's the difference with suuri?


    You can also use "suuri" to imply height/tallness, but it does not directly "measure" these. If you say something or someone is "suurikokoinen" it/they just might be very wide, or bulky, or muscular etc. not necessarily high or tall although that's also possible.


    The a before long song isnt necessary

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