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  5. "It is already evening."

"It is already evening."

Translation:On jo ilta.

July 20, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Duolingo needs to have some one check these translations! Some require se and some don't. Be consistent and have either as optional!


    The Finnish contributors are awesome! Remember the course is in Beta, and they have thousands of sentences to deal with; each with hundreds of alternative translations that we users are helping to add with our reports, and they must check them all. I bet Annika or Zzzzz or another native speaker will chime in here very soon. Ole vähän kärsivällisyyttä!


    Finnish does not use dummy subjects. If the English sentence has a dummy subject (It is evening) the Finnish sentence won't have a "se". If a subject is needed (it's a normal subject), then the Finnish sentence will include e.g. "se".

    "Mitä kello on? - Se on kolme." se=kello

    *"Se on yö." se=?

    -> "On yö." - It is night.


    right ho. But spoken Finnish? Does not that include 'se'? (I know Duolingo cannot cover spoken variants too, I'm just asking out of interest...)


    Is "Se on jo ilta" a mistake?


    It's very rare. It emphasizes that the evening came quite unexpectedly, and that it's about the time to go to bed.

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