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"Kaksi lasia simaa ja kaksi palaa piirakkaa, kiitos."

Translation:Two glasses of mead and two pieces of pie, please.

July 20, 2020



It is arguable that sima and mead aren't the same. Thus, I put sima down as the beverage


They should treat sima the same way that they treat glögi, pulla, and sisu--leave it in Finnish instead of translating it poorly.


What is the difference between sima and mead? (I guess we should take a trip to Finland to discover these culinary delicacies)!


Traditional sima is to mead what sparkling apple cider is to hard apple cider (or sometimes just actual mead). Nowadays, the beverages have diverged a little and sima may be mead like but not actually contain honey.


It is perfectly reasonable in English to ask for e.g. "a piece of pie, thanks" so thanks should be accepted as a valid translation for kiitos here.


"Slices" should be allowable for "pieces", in fact, now I come to think of it, "piece of pie" sounds not quite right to my English ears. Reported.


Yup, my thoughts as well. I'm sure they will add it soon with the reports.


please / thank you... both should be accepted.


Agreed, made the same "mistake", reported

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