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  5. "There is a rock right there."

"There is a rock right there."

Translation:Tuossa on kivi.

July 20, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Why is DL insisting in adding "right there"? Tuossa just means there and Tuolla over there


    'Tuossa on kivi.' 'Kivi on tuossa.' 'On kivi tuossa.'

    All three should be accepted.


    "Tuossa on kivi" = "There is a rock right there" and "Kivi on tuossa" = "There is the rock right there". The last one would be correct in a situation like this: Person 1: "Kivi ei ole tuossa." Person 2: "On kivi tuossa!" Often (or at least in this case) the most important word is first: Tuossa on kivi -> it's just some rock, but it is RIGHT THERE. Kivi on tuossa -> THE ROCK is right there. On kivi tuossa -> the rock REALLY IS right there.


    If "kivi" means "a rock", how do you say "a kiwi" (fruit or bird)?

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