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"The baby painted the kitchen wall with his mashed potatoes."

Translation:Le bébé a peint le mur de la cuisine avec sa purée.

July 20, 2020



"sa purée de pomme de terre" should be accepted. Reported. (There are lots of puréed foods.)


That would be "sa purée de pommes de terre", with the plural.

While there may be different kinds of purée, "purée de pommes de terre" is superfluous (although definitely not wrong). If you use the word on its own without specifying a variety, it will be understood to refer to mashed potatoes.


So then, the french word "purée" is a false friend~ and doesn't have the same definition of the English word "puree". In french, the default definition for purée Is mashed potatoes. But a purée in American English, may consist of either fruit, vegetables, or a combination of the two. It has more to do with texture than substance.


I typed all right but made a typo: 'da la cuisine'. Is Duo not willing to recognise typos anymore?


Everyone tells me that specific context is really important in understanding spoken French and I can easily believe that but Duo often uses utterly bizarre sentences like this, without a shred of context or background, which can be sort of frustrating to the beginning learner.


Why not "ses purées"?


There is only one purée


@Julia435607, It's not countable. And it's referring to only one purée, (as roman2095 pointed out.)


Hello I'm French and I think that the translation of this sentence is wrong, we would rather say : "Le bébé a repeint le mur de la cuisine avec sa purée".


Just out of interest: If it were a new house and the unpainted wall was painted for the first time by the baby with mashed potato would it be peint or still be repeint

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