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"Onko heillä radiota tai televisiota?"

Translation:Do they have a radio or a television?

July 20, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Reported: "Do they have a radio or television?" should be accepted. It shows the understanding of the Finnish sentence that the question wants to test.


    It is still marking such an answer wrong even though 'a radio or television' would be the usual English [because in English the question implies 'do you have a (radio or television)?']. However, it gives some insight into the Finnish way of thinking


    Surprised that tv was not accepted instead of television!


    What is the difference between vai and tai?


    Does one of them entail the other? Tai. Does one of them prevail? Vai.


    Do they have a radio or a tv should be accepted too. (Takes less time to write and since we are learning finnish the translation tv should be accepted)


    May be a stupid question, but where does the endings 'ta' come from? A radio = radio, a lot of radios = radiot. Is this the partitive instead of radioa = radiota? Thanks for support indeed!


    Yes, the basic partitive adds a "ta" instead of an "a" when a noun ends in two vowels (like "radio"): https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-grammar/finnish-cases/grammatical-cases/the-partitive-case-partitiivi#formation .

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