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  5. "What is dad's profession?"

"What is dad's profession?"

Translation:Qual é a profissão do papai?

May 15, 2013



"O que é a profissão do papai" é errado?


There is a difference between using "qual" and "o que".

Qual is "which" or "which one" (so it can be exchanged by what). From all available professions, "which one" (qual) is daddy's???

O que is "what", but mostly to ask an explanation about an unknown thing. So the answer for "o que é a profissão do papai" could be: it's a job where a person chops wood.


For professions, translate "what" as "qual" ;)


I was told by the system that the correct answer is:

  • Qual a profissão de papai?

rather than the answer listed at the top of the discussion:

  • Qual é a profissão do papai?

What did I do to get this? I left out the article cause we get told in discussions that articles for professions are not needed in Portuguese ('cept so far it seems they always are...).

So why is the article so important this time that it is more important than the verb, and why can the verb be dropped entirely? What makes, Qual a profissão de papai correct?



After qual used as a question word you can omit the verb ser whenever it is in the present tense indicative, both in speaking and in writing. In other words, all 4 variants of the sentence are correct.
According to the answer given here it is correct both in Brazil and in Portugal.


Wow, quick answer! Thank you. :)

It sure would be nice though if I could get the basics down and then learn all the wrinkles. :D

I did figure out why I cannot leave the article out though, since it is a possessive (...the profession of dad's). I fell into the English trap of auto-thinking "a" was the indefinite article. But then I was so thrown by the loss of verb... =]


I'm not really sure about the article. In more general phrases it can be omitted, like "amor de pai" = "love of a father", but here it is the speaker's dad so that is probably why the article is possible. Hopefully, a native speaker will chime in :)


Well, you're not saying "papai é (professional)"

There isn't a profession in the sentence, there is only the noun profession.




Pai is father and papai is like Dad /Daddy.


Why is it a profissao and not o in this sentence?


Profissao é feminino?


Again, there are differences in meaning where "o que" is wrong, but we don't know that, and they mark us wrong.


why the use of "do" instead of "de".... Do= of the and De= of ???


When you have "possessive+noun" you can choose whether use the article or not. O meu pai = meu pai. Do meu pai = de meu pai. (But using do is more common).


Ok, thank you very much,but it's a shame that Duolingo doesn't accept the sentence when I wrote it without the article.


Anything wrong with '.........do nosso pai?


maybe they'd use "father" for this?


What's wrong with "Qual e a sua occupacao do papai?" Obrigada


One too many possessives. Which is his occupation of the father...

Also, without the accent on the "e" it is "and" instead of "is" but I don't know how strict Duo is about that. For instance, the PT occupation should have the "c" with the cedilha (ç).


Why was 'ocupação' marked wrong, correct being 'profissão'?

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