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Bilingual Celebrities

Since most of you liked my list on facts about languages (a second list of that will be coming soon!!) I am going to do another list, this time on Bilingual Celebrities. Us language-learners are not the only ones who can speak foreign languages- these celebrities are fluent!

  1. Will Smith- The actor is fluent in Spanish. He's a little rusty now but apparently when he was younger, he was very good at it!

  2. Ben Affleck- Affleck and his younger brother both learnt Spanish while living in Mexico during stints of filming.

  3. Sandra Bullock- Bullock is fluent in German, but is half-german on her Mother's side.

  4. Johnny Depp- He learnt French to communicate with his previous wife, Vanessa Paradis and their two children, Jack and Lily-Rose.

  5. Charlize Theron- Theron is fluent in Afrikaans, which is a variant on Dutch. Dutch is in fact Theron's first language, as she grew up in South Africa where it was one of the main languages.

  6. Orlando Bloom- He is fluent in French and came by his bilingualism because his parents ran a language school in England.

  7. Colin Firth- Firth is fluent in Italian, because he is married to Italian film director and producer, Liva Giuggioli. They have also raised two Italian speaking children, Luca and Matteo.

  8. Bradley Cooper- Oddly enough, Cooper was inspired to learn French after watching the film, Chariots of Fire. He studied it in college and did six months abroad with a French family.

  9. Gwyneth Paltrow- Paltrow is fluent in Spanish after spending the summer of her high school sophomore year as an exchange student in Spain. She liked it so much that she still visits the town, Talavera de la Reina, and her host family.

  10. Kim Cattrall- Cattrall learnt to speak German fluently while living in Frankfurt with her second husband from 1982- 1989, although she admits to have lost a lot of it over the years.

  11. Jodie Foster- She attended a French-language school prep while growing up and is so good that she apparently sometimes dubs over her own character's voices for the French version.

  12. Mila Kunis- Kunis was born in Ukraine and thus speaks fluent Russian.

  13. Joseph Gordon-Levitt- JGL apparently took a bunch of classes at Columbia entirely in French, so that was an Ivy League AND a second language. Ironically, in the film 10 Things I hate about You, JGL played a character, called Cameron, who desperately tried (and failed) to learn French to win over the girl of his dreams.

Maybe if he'd had DuoLingo to help him, he might have been a little better?

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August 8, 2014



I heard that Shakira speaks English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian.


I also heard she speaks Arabic.Her grandmother is Lebanese.


And i suppose some Catalan as well since her boyfriend Gerard Piqué is Catalan, and I heard her some times even singing a song in catalan


all i know is that Pope francis speaks like 8 languages.:)

  1. Charlize Theron- Theron is fluent in Afrikaans, which is a variant on Dutch. Dutch is in fact Theron's first language, as she grew up in South Africa where it was one of the main languages.

I think you made a typo. I looked it up and Theron's first language is Afrikaans and Afrikaans, not Dutch, is one of the 11 (!) official languages of South Africa.


Whoops! Thank you for correcting that for me :)

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Natalie Portman speaks hebrew and english.


If I'm not mistaken, she also speaks Japanese.


Please comment on what other language-related lists you would like to see me do and I will give them a try :)


Maybe athletes who speak multiple languages? Kobe Bryant speaks Italian. Patrice Evra speaks 5 or so languages. Romelo Lukaku speaks I think 6. Dikembe Mutombo speaks English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Lingala, Tshiluba, and 3 other African dialects (Swahili and Kikongo might be in there too).

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Kobe Bryant attended primary schools in Italy, his pronunciation is actually better than most italians :D


Chris Bosh speaks Spanish.


writers or musicians who speak multiple languages?


Gwyneth Paltrow also speaks French, I've seen a few interviews in which she spoke French while her co-stars had translators.


Johnny Depp also knows Vietnamese! He learned it for a role, and he became so good that they actually cut him out of the film, because everyone found him to be more interesting than the main characters.

(don't quote me on this, I just remembered it from a documentary)


He played Pvt. Gator Lerner (an interpreter) in Platoon (1986):


The character is only on screen briefly but appears to have an extensive back-story; I wouldn't be surprised if there was a decision in post-production to cut him down to size.


That's the one!


I forgot his name, but the actor who plays Aragorn in LOTR, is fluent in Spanish English and Danish, and I think he also knows french.


Vigor Mortensen. He is quite awesome! He knows a little bit of Catalan as well


I think JGL has a film coming up where he plays a French tight-rope walker. I could be wrong though.

Just throwing another name out there too. If her IMDB page is to be believed, Stana Katic can speak Serbian, French, English, and Italian.


Zlatan Ibrahimovich speaks many many different languages, including French, English and Swedish, but I cannot remember the rest.


He can also speak Italian and probably a bit of Dutch too.

Just a little bit of useless information: Zlatan is an official verb in Swedish (and I think French).



Sarah Chalke, who plays Elliot Reid in Scrubs, can speak fluent German and French 'fairly well'.


Wes Studi's first language is Cherokee. He started to learn English in elementary school.

Jon Heder learned Japanese by serving as a missionary in Japan for two years.

Mitt Romney learned French, also by spending two years as a missionary (although it seems that he is extremely rusty).

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