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  5. "Netti on hidas."

"Netti on hidas."

Translation:The internet is slow.

July 20, 2020



"Netti" and "WiFi" mean different things.

[deactivated user]

    Yeah, netti is internet. In one of their own translation they used internet access. It still beta for a reason. i reported the issue as "something else went wrong".


    Perhaps something like ten years ago, when the internet was new, one said so, nowadays "verkkoyhteys" (internet access) is more widely used.


    The hint says "internet" or "net", I answered internet, and got a wrong with correct answer showing up as "WiFi is slow". Should be corrected somehow

    [deactivated user]

      Report! Then it goes directly to the volunteers!


      How "internet is slow" is considered wrong? Reported


      Netti refers to the internet.


      The network is slow


      nettis is not wifi . common please dont use anything . internet and wifi are two different things


      In the previous exercise, it was written like "nätti", while now as "netti". Are both ones correct?


      No, the words are not synonyms.

      Nätti : (colloquial-ish) pretty, nice looking, e.g.

      • Onpa sinulla on nätti mekko! : What a nice dress you have!

      I as wrote in an earlier comment the word netti (← [en] a net, network) , was more frequently used several years ago, when the internet was so to speak new for the masses. Nowadays you speak about verkko : a net, network and verkkoyhteys : (inter)net access.


      Shouldn't "the network is slow" be accepted?


      Network and internet have different meanings in English, I’d think there is a separate word for “network” in Finnish too.


      Yes, but there is a huge overlap in meanings. For example, my father says "I can't connect to the network right now." He's connected to the internal network (router) just fine; what has happened is that the router has lost its internet connection and he cannot check his mail or load any web pages. That's the "network" as far as he's concerned.

      I assume this could be the case in Finnish as well. Does "netti" exclusively refer to the internet and not to a network connection in general?


      You are right, the terms get mixed. Maallikko, a layman indeed likely says netti/verkko ei toimi, the net is not working which means that neither checking mail nor surfing anywhere work. It takes quite a knowledge to say

      • Sisäverkko toimii, mutta reititin ei saa yhteyttä internettiin : The internal network works, but the router cannot establish connection to the internet.


      Thanks for explaining but I would agree with some previous posters that most people (including myself) would not perceive any difference between "network" and "internet".

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