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"Turistit haluavat maistaa simaa."

Translation:The tourists want to taste mead.

July 20, 2020



Please stop calling sima mead!


Yep! Sima = sima. Mead is another


What is it then ?


It's sima. There is nothing on Earth like it. No other culture has it. Sima is sima.


Right, got it. Can you describe what it's made from and what it looks and tastes like?


It looks like urine and tastes like mouldy bread soaked in fruit juice. I'm probably not the best person to advise as I really don't like it. My family in Finland make it every year and love it.


So simaa is just plain fruit juice?


When you start out in a language, you start by learning what's generally similar. So they taste different, but they're pretty much made the same way so it's important to focus on the similarity and the difference will be important after you already speak enough Finnish to even talk about it.


As a child, my mother would make it during the hay season. It had a mild alcoholic kick with sweet raisins, very tasty. It is a fond memory and I want to make some now.

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