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  5. "Do you come here often?"

"Do you come here often?"

Translation:Käytkö sinä täällä usein?

July 20, 2020



Is Tuletko tänne usein? wrong?


it's not wrong. it's a literal translation whereas "käytkö sinä täällä usein" is more of an idiomatic one.


What is "tänne" and "tulet"? It's not covered in this course, and although I can see that's what Google translate gived you for this sentence, I have no idea when this words should actually be used of the difference between those and "täällä" (I'm guessing "käyt" is more visit and not "going"/"coming" somewhere)


Tänne means here in the sense of movement (something comes here).

Täällä means here in a locational sense (something is here).

Tulet is just 2nd person singular for tulla (you come).

Käytkö sinä täällä usein? can be used in a neutral way to inquire if someone visits some place often, be it a park or a gym or a restaurant or whatever. But it's also a cliché pick-up line in a bar, like the English equivalent here.


Could tässä be used instead of täällä?


It depends on the context, but that's not used as often. In this question 'tässä' means more like 'right at this certain spot' (like under a certain tree) and 'täällä' means 'this area we're at' (like a shop or a yard etc.).


Should Kävitkö sinä täällä usein? be accepted?


It would be Did you come here often? (past tense).


ah oh course! thank you

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