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  5. "How much do the lörtsy cost?"

"How much do the lörtsy cost?"

Translation:Paljonko lörtsyt maksavat?

July 20, 2020



How can we guess it needs the plural? I wrote paljonko lörtsy maskaa and it was rejected


If it was singular, the English sentence would be How much DOES the lörtsy cost?. However, I think lörtsy could be pluralized in English to lörtsys. Otherwise it can be confusing. In fact, I also wrote Paljonko lörtsy maksaa? for the first time because I just looked at the noun, not at do.


When is "lörtsyä" used, and when is "lörtsyt" used? Are they both a plural form of "lörtsy"?


Lörtsyt is plural nominative (basic plural form) and lörtsyä is singular partitive. The latter is also used to express plural when combined with numbers, for instance kaksi lörtsyä - two lörtsys, or with montako - how many: Montako lörtsyä? - How many lörtsys?.


I wrote singular case as well. Should be correct. In English you would say lörtsy's if it had been plural I guess.


Is "kuinka paljo maksaa" the same as "paljonko maksaa"?


yes, "kuinka paljon" and "paljonko" mean the same


Then I'm glad I reported the result as wrong.


Is "lörtsyt" the ordinary plural of "lörtsy"? If so, a previous sentence contained "lörtsyä" ... so what's that when it's at home?

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