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  5. "Musti is black."

"Musti is black."

Translation:Musti on musta.

July 20, 2020



Anyone curious about the name "Musti"?

Among the most stereotypical Finnish names for dogs are Rekku ("Barky") and Musti ("Blacky"). Other common names for dogs include Luppa, Haukku, Tessu, Rontti, Jeri, Rita and Bella.

I love the Finnish course! Many thanks to the Finnish team! :)


Any reason those are common? In India, "Tommy" is unavoidably associated with dogs. Anybody named Tommy gets laughed at by children.


In France, it’s Max, Rex and Princesse. The most stereotypical dog name here is Médor... I don’t even know any dog named like this, besides of comic books and jokes !


No one is named Rex or Princesse in France, though. That's too ”doggish”.

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