"She always used to tell me all her secrets."

Translation:Elle me racontait toujours tous ses secrets.

July 20, 2020

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Why isn't dirait accepted? I feel that raconter is more about telling stories?


I want to know this too!


Why is the translation "...used to tell me..." and not just "...told me..." [whitout "used"]? Is it implied?


duolingo is a huge fan of saying "used to" when it interprets the imperfect tense. It's a bad habit on the part of the contributors. It would not be necessary in ordinary speech. I have reported many of these.

For the sentence, Elle me racontait toujours tous ses secrets, she always told me all her secrets is a perfectly valid translation.

Go back and check your sentence carefully. Make sure all the bits are there. (toujours=always, tous=all) If they are, then "told" is a valid translation. What is more important is that you understand the gist of the French sentence. It implies that she was in the habit of regularly telling me her secrets at one time, unspecified, in the past. So long as you understand that, you should just report your translation and move on.


I think insisting on "used to" for most early lessons about the imparfait tense is a good idea didactically. It helps us to learn that the imparfait tense is NOT the same as the (English) past tense. But I can see being more flexible in these lessons toward the end of the course.


Thanks for this explanatory comment. Can you also comment on usage of passe compose here. I wrote "elle m'a toujours raconté.." and it was marked wrong.

Should I understand that: if she was telling me her secrets in the past and stopped later for some reason : use imparfait but if she was telling me her secrets in the past and she still does : use passé composé ?


If it's still going on you use the present tense with depuis or il y a.


Is this wrong? Elle toujours me racontait tous ses secrets. It wasn't accepted.


Adverbs generally come directly after the verb. So it would be "...me racontait toujours...".

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