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"I believe there was an accident somewhere."

Translation:Je crois qu'il y a eu un accident quelque part.

July 20, 2020



What's wrong with 'il y avait'


It's used for something that isn't a completed action, e.g. Je crois qu'il y avait une grotte quelque part ici ("I believe there was a cave somewhere here"). Therefore it's actually more precise to translate je crois qu'il y a eu un accident as "I believe there has been an accident".


Couldn't you say: Je crois qu'il y avait un accident quelque part


I said the same


I do not get when I need to use 'eu' or not in sentences! Which lessons do I need to go back to learn this?


It's a past participle of avoir, because il y a eu is a passé composé form of il y a.


I wish Duo would put the word "that" in these sentences. When I'm trying to speed up I forget the que. It is usually used it English anyway.

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