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"Can you lend me the ones you were wearing yesterday?"

Translation:Tu peux me prêter celles que tu portais hier ?

July 20, 2020



Peux-tu me prêter ceux que tu portais hier ? Accepted :)


Can one not simply say, « Tu me prêtes celles que tu portais hier ? » Although this is not a literal translation, would it not be acceptable ?


Agreed especially since the notes say that can is often implied in french as opposites to english

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Agree 100%. I reported it.


What's wrong with "ceux"? I don't see how this has to be "celles" only.


My problem is when to put "qui" and when to put "que"


Use 'qui' as a subject and 'que' as an object. Vous pouvez me prêter celles qui sont jaunes ? Vous pouvez me prêter celles que vous portiez hier ?


I wrote "Pouvez vous me preter ceux que tu portais hier " Why is it wrong? Vous is used in more formal situations and can be plural or singular. Ceux is masculine plural , Celles is feminine plural. Why is it Celles instead of Ceux and Tu instead of Vous?


Both formal and plural seem a bit odd to me when asking someone to lend you something they wore. Odd, but not wrong and possible in some cases, surely. I don't know if Duo accepts vous here, but I do see an error in your formulation.

You've mixed forms. You wanted « Pouvez-vous me prêter ceux que vous portiez hier ? »


This time you could see that celles was plural as it was written. The sentence which was dictated there is know way you could know celles was plural


In transcribing the spoken French, both celle and celles are valid but the masculine forms are not. In translating from the English ("the ones"), both celles and ceux are valid but celle and celui are wrong.


Is this wrong? "est-ce que tu me peux preter celles que tu portais hier" An if Yes why?


It's wrong, but close. The word me must come before the verb prêter, not before the auxiliary verb peux.

What you want is just Duo's sentence with Est-ce que prepended.


Of course. Thank you.

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