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  5. "Tuo hirvi on vihainen."

"Tuo hirvi on vihainen."

Translation:That moose is angry.

July 20, 2020



Hirvi translates into UK English as 'elk';


Absolutely elk. It's a European language. Therefore it's an elk. Keep your mooses on the other side of the Atlantic. LOL


Elk should be added as well.


Elk should also be accepted


I got marked incorrect for using elk instead of moose. Reported on 21.02.2021! I expect the team would include it as an accepted option (or they already did the last days and now the system just needs to accept it) or if not, please somebody to clearly explain to us why elk is rejected for hirvi (-en,-eä,~ä) and if this really is a moose, which Finnish word would be used for elk. I would really appreciate the feedback (and I am quite sure we would all do that).


Was your sister karving her initials on it with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush?

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