"Il ne faut pas qu'il perde la clé de la salle."

Translation:He must not lose the room key.

July 21, 2020

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"the key of the room", it has to be "the room key"...duo is so dumb


On my platform it says "room key".


Mine too. I've informed them of their mistake. It should be either "the room's key", or better, "the key to the room." The "room key" literally means the item which creates space: i.e. the key (clue/manner) to make room. Undoubtedly we'd be better off sticking to their answer or we'll lose a heart, but keep this in mind.


In a hotel it's called the room key. The key to the room is the other alternative.


Doesn't have to be. You could say "the key to the room".


I hear ...."de la clé dela salle. In the slow speech, it is corrected. French is so difficult. In the normal pace the last silent syllable "de" of perde is prnounced!

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