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Finnish practicing groups

Terve! I've recently finished the Finnish tree on Duolingo and I'd like to have someone to practice with. The problem is that I tried both Hellotalk (which I personally dislike) and Tandem, but despite sending messages to several people, none answered.

Is there any active Whatsapp, Telegram or Discord group for Finnish learners and natives? I'd love to see where I can get with my Finnish and talk to Finns about their culture

July 21, 2020



Hei! There is a subreddit and a discord server called r/LearnFinnish, you can find an invite link to the server in the subreddit, here https://www.reddit.com/r/LearnFinnish/ I found it to be a very helpful server! I hope it helps you as well.


Terve! I'd also be interested in joining a discord for Finnish Learners!


Moi! I've only just started learning but I'd love to be in a whatsapp group for Finnish!


The PG groups are still around on Telegram, and Finnish is there on their list: t.me/polyglossia_bot


You are welcome to join our community discord server: www.discord.gg/MVGC5ta


Hi. Or Hei! I am on Discord in another group but would like to join this one. I click on the link and it takes me to my other group. How do I find the Finnish group? Can you give me a name for the group or a name for a person I can put into the Discord search function? I’d appreciate that very much. Susan Cassan


The link is still valid, I am not sure what you mean by other group. This group is the unofficial hyvä suomi duolingo server. I do know of other servers, but not by name and invite link, anteeksi...


You can try to go on Finnish dating site, or any European dating where you can find some finns.


I don't think that's a good idea. People there are there for the specific reason of being willing to date someone.

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