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"Do they have a radio or a television?"

Translation:Onko heillä radiota tai televisiota?

July 21, 2020



Does the possessive verb require the nouns to be in partitive?


So here what is the case for "radiota ja televisiota"? And why in another example was it kamera (and not... i don't know kamerota?) Sorry but it is difficult to grasp these rules on Duo!


The partitive expresses uncertainty. The asker doesn't know if the person has a radio or a television. If you use the nominative, you express e.g. surprise: Onko sinulla kamera! (Oh wow, I didn't know.)

The partitive of "kamera" is "kameraa". However, in plural (kamerat) the partitive is "kameroita". :)


It's partitive, and "kamerota" is not a Finnish word.


Previous question accepted tv:ta along with televisiota


Does "tai" imply an either-or-situation or could this sentence be continued (f.e. ...tai televisiota tai kameraa tai tablettia)?


Vai forces a choice between the given options.

Tai has no such limits. The answer can be one or more of the given options, none of them or something completely different.

Both can have any number of options.


Thank you!

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