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  5. "Hyi, vessa on likainen."

"Hyi, vessa on likainen."

Translation:Yuck, the restroom is dirty.

July 21, 2020



Toilet should be accepted. Not everyone speaks American English.


As there is often more than one toilet, it's possibly even more common in non-American English to refer to a "restroom" as "the toilets". If I was in a person's house I'd ask "Where is the toilet?" but if I was in a public space / restaurant , etc., it'd be "Where are the toilets?" Fun fact: we women always hope there's more than one ... !


I could not say it better.


'Vessa' A Lesson in Etymology: Vessa = W.C. (/VE•SE/) = Water Closet. It became a word, for ease of print & articulation.

It is simply the sounds of those two letters in Finnish. (W/V sound the same in Finnish.)


And it is pronounced with double S, unlike my name!!


The same is in German "WC = water closet" which is spoken "veh-tseh".


Ugh is not accepted. Only Yuck seems to be the right expression to express disgust in English. I will try to keep that in mind.


WC was not accepted, despite being in the hints. Reported.


Oh come on bathroom and restroom are basically the same thing (and toilet)


I wrote 'Yuck, the WC is dirty' and my answer it was rejected, incorrectly I think.

[deactivated user]

    Wc should be ok, why is this not accepted. I live in Europe we are using Wc. I am not learning English in this app.


    Could 'filthy' be used as an alternative to dirty... it is probably how I would describe it.


    In English dirty and filthy aren't interchangeable. If something is filthy it is necessarily dirty, but not the reverse. So the question is whether likainen means very dirty or just dirty at all.


    I would say "likainen" is the lowest amount of dirt (=lika). If you want more, "törkyinen" is appropriate. In extreme cases "saastainen" can be used, but that means you really hate it.

    If you are talking about dirty mind, then "likainen" is also possible (not the other two). I won't teach you more, has to put the line somewhere :)


    You could also say bathroom as well, why is it not accepted?


    .."Ew" keeps on getting changet automatically by my phone into "we".. frustrating


    Very annoyed that "the toilets" is counted as wrong. It seems to me a perfectly valid translation, "restroom" is not the only word!


    "Vessa" would be more like toilet. Restroom would translate like "naistenhuone" or "miestenhuone".


    "Restroom" and "toilet" are synonyms. The only difference is that "restroom" is more or less exclusive to American English while "toilet" is shared among several nationalities.


    You could have bathroom too, which for UK English doesn't need to have a bath in it :D

    People who ask to use the bathroom are asking to go to the toilet. Women might go there to put on makeup.

    In this context, I would have thought vessa would have meant toilet, as in the thing you sit on. As that is the thing that usually gets dirty easily.


    I'm from the UK, and most of the people I know consider referring to the toilet as a bathroom an irritating and mildly puzzling Americanism.


    One difference, at least in American English, is that restrooms are always in public or commercial facilities, not homes.


    This should be two sentences. 'Yuck! The restroom is dirty!'


    Is bathroom accepted?

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