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"Isi, minä haluaisin käydä vessassa."

Translation:Daddy, I would like to go to the restroom.

July 21, 2020



Dad should be accepted, not only daddy


It is now. But do note that generally isi = daddy, wheras isä = dad.


Vessa doesn't translate to restroom, more like toilet.


It does though. How else would you translate restroom?


Restroom could also be kylpyhuone (literal meaning: washroom)


The key feature of a restroom is it having one or more toilet seats. So a kylpyhuone without a toilet seat is not a restroom, whereas a vessa with or without a shower or bath is still a restroom.


A kylpyhuone would be a bathroom then? Like what someone has at home (or do people still just use vessa for that?)


A kylpyhuone normally would have either a bathtub or shower, and possibly a sauna in city apartment buildings. A vessa would usually only have a toilet and sink.


That depends on whether you are American or not.


Should "Daddy, I would like to go to WC" also be accepted?


Vessa = WC. It can be toilet, restroom, lavatory, etc, but not bathroom. A Finnish bathroom, a kylpyhuone, has a shower, sometimes a bath tub in private homes, and often an electric sauna and a washer/dryer, especially in apartments/flats.


But in English, bathroom can mean what we mean with the word vessa, depending on the dialect. There is even the North American concept of half bath, which doesn't have half a bath, but is just a toilet and a sink, but no shower or bathtub.

A Finnish kylpyhuone is indeed a different thing, and we would translate that, too, as bathroom or possibly shower room if it doesn't have a tub.

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