"C'est d'air pur dont tu as besoin pour aller mieux."

Translation:It's clean air that you need to be doing better.

July 21, 2020

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This makes no sense in English at all. Where are you Sitesurf when we need you?? Oh help oh great mentor!!


Don't know about the english sentence, but the french one is not correct for me, it should be either:
   C'est d'air pur que tu as besoin pour aller mieux.
   C'est un air (or l'air) pur dont tu as besoin pour aller mieux.


I think the moderators have given up responding to complaints about Duo English. Duolingo is sticking with its bizarre idea that awful English translations somehow help you to learn French.


From what others have said, it looks like the original French sentence is constructed poorly. It also sounds very clumsy in English. A better translation would be: "It's clean air that you need, to feel better." Right now it sounds like the speaker is telling someone that he/she should 'be doing clean air better'?!?! As if the 'clean air' is a poor performance review or incorrect homework problem, LOL. I'd also make sure to include a comma after the word 'need,' for clarity's sake.


Yes, I wrote feel better. They should accept it, I FEEL!


Awful, awful English!


I agree. And the french is not much better!


Alas, this is a mechanical translation that fails to convey the idea. At best I have to guess at its intent.


Nobody would ever say this in English!

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C'est d'air pour aller mieux.


To Jojo 553168, your comments are wonderful, but I've had the hardest time reading the directions you post in purple. I love this post with the lesson inserted in yellow! Thank you so much for all your comments, but these in yellow are wonderful to read.


As I use dark mode, I have also struggled with this. I find that hitting the "reply" button will show the comment without colors and the dark fonts are readable.


Wha? I was so confused when trying to translate this. Please rewrite. It makes no sense in either language.


Yes I agree with Jojo. this doesn't need DE as well as dont!


I don't understand this sentence in English


In English we might say: "You need some fresh air (in order) to get better." - We certainly would never say Duo's version - except here to move on!


Many of the examples in this section are very poor which makes answering the questions frustrating and, at times, futile. This one is classic Duo-speak.


why "this is clean air that you need to be doing better" is not accepted?


Because it doesn't make sense in English, unfortunately :-) Neither does Duo's version.


What does that even mean???


Duolingo needs to get someone to translate English for them. Some of these sentences make no sense.

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