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"There are a few dark clouds over there."

Translation:Tuolla on muutama tumma pilvi.

July 21, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Why isn't this in the partitive?


    Because "muutama" is treated the same way as "yksi".


    Thank you for this very useful information.


    Because "muutama" in Finnish is treated the same way as "moni", which works similar like the English "singular many". And you also have the "plural many" version with partitive, monta.

    • moni opettaja puhuu suomea = many a teacher speaks Finnish
    • monta opettajaa puhuu suomea = many teachers speak Finnish
    • muutama opettaja would be analogically something like "a few a teacher", although we don't say it like this and I am not aware if there is a similar construct in English for "a few"
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