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  5. "This bunny is blue."

"This bunny is blue."

Translation:Tämä pupu on sininen.

July 21, 2020



In Finland bunnies are blue


I’m blue, dabunny dabada


It would be much more useful if the colours wouldnt be seperated like that. Right now one level has blue, the other has black, there is one for green and one for white. You dont have to learn what the word means, you just recognize its a colour and you choose the one from the current level.


How do you put the dots over the a and o on the app?


Depending on the keyboard language, you might be able to find the "ä" and "ö" under "a" and "o". I have a Finnish keyboard (which I recommend downloading since it's very easy to download new languages), and while I do have "ä" and "ö" readily available with the other letters of the Finnish alphabet, if I for instance press "a" a little longer than usual, I also get to see "ã", "æ", "ā", "ă", "ą", "ä", "å", "à", "á" and "â" and choose the one I want.


Why are the bunnies blue someone must have spray painted them.


"blue" in Russian is "синий = sinij". Are they cognates?


Unfortunately, the etymology of Finnic 'sini' is unknown.

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