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"Opettaja, onko tuo sana oikein?"

Translation:Teacher, is that word correct?

July 21, 2020



what is the difference: is that word right and correct?


Both are right. I mean both are correct.


I know there is some thread explaining why it is oikein instead of oikea here, but idk where it is. Can anyone help me out?


Both oikea and oikein are correct but they have different meanings.

Oikea is an adjective.

  • Onko on tuo sana oikea? : Is that the right word? (Does that word fit here?)

Oikein is an adverb.

  • Onko on tuo sana oikein? : Is that word correct? (Is that word correctly spelled or something like that)


In general I understand the adverb vs adjective distinction and I understand why you would use oikein if you were actually saying something like "is this spelled correctly" but that isn't the case here. In English you would never use the sentence structure "subject to be adverb". To offer an example, I would say "she runs slowly" and "she is slow" but not "she is slowly". And that same pattern holds true for Finnish almost all of the time, but oikein/väärin seem to be a notable exception. It's interesting to me that that is the case.


You are probably right that the same pattern holds true almost allways. I have never thought about it. How I see it in this particular instance, is that an expression oikein kirjoitettu, correctly written/spelled has been shortened to just oikein.


I think it might be rhe oikea vs. oikein difference or maybe a different construction altogether, but "Is that a correct word" is not taken as a correct answer. Is it not, and how would that be put together in Finnish?

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