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  5. "That owl says hoot."

"That owl says hoot."

Translation:Tuo pöllö sanoo huhuu.

July 21, 2020



These animal sounds are tricky and too specific. I was marked wrong for typing in "huu huu" rather than "huhuu."


"Pöllö huhuilee."


I don't think an owl says hoot. An owl does hoot, yes, but a child would learn to say that an owl says "Tu-witt-tu-woo" - but this latter phrase I don't know how to spell!


Not sure why you're being downvoted. In the UK, as children, we learn that the owl says "twit twoo", however this is because tawny owls are the most common (and that is a rough approximation of their different calls). I'm not sure whether the Finnish huhuu is a verb or is onomatopoeic but I definitely see "hoot" as the verb more than the sound owls make. However I can appreciate the linguistic differences even within English itself so I wouldn't say that hoot is incorrect.


By the way, the Finnish "huhuu" comes from the sound of huuhkaja, Bubo bubo, I believe. It is onomatopoeic. The verb would be huhuilla.


Also the ghosts say huhuu

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