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  5. "Täällä on pörröinen orava."

"Täällä on pörröinen orava."

Translation:There is a fluffy squirrel over here.

July 21, 2020



How about "Over here is a fluffy squirrel". Not acceptable?


I wrote "Over here is a fluffy squirrel" and it was marked wrong. But it means the same thing and is a typical way of saying it in English. And it is more idiomatically natural than the correct answer given.


I said, "Over here is a fluffy squirrel". Shouldn't that be correct?


I have just reported the sound. I can clearly hear an "l" in pörröinen i.e. "pörrölinen"


Seems like it should be The fluffy squirrel is over here . Or Over there is a fluffy squirrel. Those two would be better English.


When the Finnish subject follows the location, a translation with an indefinite subject is wanted. So Täällä on orava: "Over here is a squirrel", "Over here there is a squirrel", "A squirrel is over here", or "There is a squirrel over here".

When the subject precedes the location, then we get to use 'the'. So Orava on täällä: "The squirrel is over here".


The translation is not good English


Why not "here is a fluffy squirrel"? Here was one of the options offered fot tällä


Why not "Here is a fluffy squirrel"


Why not "Here is a fluffy squirrel" (marked wrong)? Especially as one zranslation offered fpr täälä is' Here'

[deactivated user]

    "There is a fluffy squirrel over here." No need to keep putting over here or over there, there is a fluffy squirrel is sufficient!"


    As I think I've pointed out previously, the "there" at the beginning of the sentence is a dummy subject, and as such it has nothing to do with location. "There is a fluffy squirrel" basically means "a certain fluffy squirrel exists". Its location is not specified. It's not translated in Finnish because Finnish doesn't use dummy subjects at all. In English, adverbials about location are typically placed at the end of the clause or behind the time adverbial if there is a time adverbial already occupying the final position. This positioning distinguishes the dummy subject "there" (always at the beginning) from the location "there" (usually at the end or near the end).

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks (I think) so does this mean over there, or over here are required in the translations?

      Tuolla > over there ?

      Tuossa > right there ?

      Talla > over here ?

      Tassa > right here ?

      "Over there is a fluffy squirrel" for example?


      Over there = tuolla

      Over here = täällä

      There (the dummy subject) = no translation

      By beginning the clause with "over", you're occupying the only position that can be assumed by a dummy subject with a word that can't be a dummy subject, so that way you can begin the sentence with a location, but it's somewhat unusual. It does happen though. For example, I recall hearing the sentence "Over there is knight Rhys and scribe Haylen" in an American videogame. Using a dummy subject when introducing people would be odd. On the other hand, "Over there is a fluffy squirrel" sounds somewhat unusual. The only reason to use that choice of words would be if there were some reason to emphasise the location.

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