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  5. "These owls say hoot."

"These owls say hoot."

Translation:Nämä pöllöt sanovat huhuu.

July 21, 2020



"Nämä pöllöt huhuilevat." - these owls hoot


Looks like i may need an owl-language tutor, about distinguishing hoot, hu hu, and huhhu.


Tämä lause on kaunis.


MN. Tottakai. Funnily enough I left kindergarten many years ago, as have my children. I have not had a conversation involving owl noises for many years and I really do wish nonsense words like nam nam and huhuu and kot kot just disappeared from Duolingo. Pupu I accept as it is a term of endearment. My Finnish grandmother would call me pupu or rakkas or kulta, so that is fair enough, but childish nonsense words or animal noises really are pointless.

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