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"Miikka, is the milk over here?"

Translation:Miikka, onko maito täällä?

July 21, 2020



What's the difference between talla and tassa (sorry I have no Finnish keyboard now)


täällä = (over) here
tässä = right here (literally "in this")

Tässä refers to a very specific place that is smaller in size than "täällä". "Tässä" is often used before a noun like "Tässä huoneessa..." (In this room) but it can be used without a noun "Tässä (paikassa) kasvoi ennen puu" (In this (place) used to grow a tree before).


Thank you. This has been driving me mental.


it might give you the option to choose the finnish a's and o's etc if you press and hold the a and the o ...... to get ä and ö


Why is it maito here and not maitoa


We're talking about a specific containerful of milk here, rather than milk in general.

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