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"Tähti laulaa hiljaa, mutta hän ei kuule."

Translation:The star is singing quietly, but she cannot hear.

July 21, 2020


[deactivated user]

    "She does not hear" not "she cannot hear" that would be; hän ei osa kuulla


    "sings" should be accepted as well as "is singing".


    Just to understand this better: does this sentence poetically personify the moon? Saying like, the star is singing but it cannot hear itself sing? Or the star is singing and another person present cannot hear it? Or is it not possible to differentiate?


    Does tähti mean only star as in a flaming sphere in the cosmos, or also someone famous and successful like in English and some other languages?


    According to what was in response to this, tähti can also be a famous person.


    Does Finnish make the distinction that English makes between "hear" (a passive process) and "listen" (an active process)? If not, is there some way to indicate the difference?


    I think "to hear" is kuulla, and "to listen to" is kuunnella.


    I've put "can't hear" and was marked wrong and the suggestion showed "isn't listening" so now I go we that and get marked wrong again and the suggestion is "cannot hear". So I noticed that I've been putting "he" and the suggestion always says "she" is that why? For a neutral pronoun.

    Is anyone having the same problem as getting "he" accepted here?


    Did the same for "she can't hear" and it was now accepted.... If it's "hän" both answers should be possible

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