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on my other laptop the lessons dont include spoken french is this a settings issue?

On my other laptop the lessons don't include spoken french. Is this a settings issue? The lessons are identical but for the sections where the computer reads a sentence which you have to repeat. Has anybody encountered this issue and is it a hardware or a Duolingo problem? All advice welcome.

July 21, 2020



The Duo team says your microphone will only work on Google Chrome. Are you using Chrome on the computer where the spoken exercises aren't working? If so, is your mike turned on? (If it's not, the exercises will show up, but you won't be able to do them.) Here's a link to Duo's comments on the subject.



It was using a microsoft edge browser so i have downloaded google chrome so let us see. Thanks.


yes - depending on the type of laptop... you may be able to get chrome. that is if you aren't on chrome now..


I've been using Chrome all along, and bought a new webcam/mic at the start of Lockdown.

I've only just been offered "Say this" exercises in the last few days. They don't work... The instant you hit the mic button, it just says "Nope"... but, hey, they weren't offered until now.

You can turn the mic off in your settings.


Check to be sure Chrome is set to allow Duo to use the mike. Go to Settings => Privacy and Security => Site Settings. See what the permissions are for the mike and which sites it is allowed for. Change the setting if necessary.


thanks for advice all sorted now

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