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  5. "The salt is right here."

"The salt is right here."

Translation:Suola on tässä.

July 21, 2020



When to use tässä or täällä?


I would also add that "täällä" is more likely when you are closer to the object being sought than to the person you are speaking to. If both are near you, you are likely to say "tässä" (and point to it, maybe). If you pick the thing up, then it's definitely "tässä".

The "approximate" location can be close to both of you, too, if you're not speaking of a concrete thing: "Asutko täällä?" = "Do you live here?" "Täällä on pimeää." = "It's dark here."

An example of the precision difference when it comes to a location: "Odota tässä." "Wait here (in this exact spot, don't wander)." "Odota täällä." "Wait here (in this cafe and read a book or something, I might be a while.)"

"Tässä" comes from a form of "tämä" and literally means "in this" even if no one really thinks of it like that. That's why you can also say "tässä on jotakin mätää" = "there is something fishy about this", where the "tässä" is very vague, without it being a contradiction to everything above. "Täällä" is an answer to "where" by default, but if "tässä" is used as an answer to "where", it has to be very specific.


"Tässä" is precise while "täällä" is approximate.


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