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"– Do you want some milk? – Black, please."

Translation:– Haluatko maitoa? – Mustana, kiitos.

July 21, 2020



Haluatteko te should have been correct too


I love this course, but there a lot of inconsistencies in what is accepted as correct. "Haluatko sinä ..." obviously should be accepted, which I reported as such.


I don't understand the idea of black milk. It works for coffee, but milk?


It made me pause too, but I think this conversation takes place when ordering coffee. Do you want some milk (with that coffee)? No, I want (the coffee) black.


This is correct interpretation.


Actually, now that I'm thinking about it again, if there is a place in the world that offers black milk, it must be in Finland. It would be salmiakki-flavoured, of course.


several wrong answers in the same quiz due to adding sinä or te is getting really frustrating


I translated this as "Haluatko sinä maitoa? Mustana, kiitos" and it marked it as incorrect. reported.


It's hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea of the essive case - it'd be nice to listen to how does it make sense for the coffee to be in essive case here, if someone's willing to explain, thank you.


The coffee isn't in the essive, musta (black) is. Think of the essive as a kind of adverb, so mustana = in a black state. In Kalevala you will see "Minä lasna"– when I was a child, I as a child . . .


Which case is "Mustana" here with -na suffix?


What is wrong with Tuleeko maitoa?

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