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"Kello on jo kuusi. Nähdään pian!"

Translation:It is already six o'clock. See you soon!

July 21, 2020



Why does DL think there is only one correct word order in English? Finnish may be rigid but English in not so much. There is usually more than one way correctly to translate a Finnish sentence into English.


So in a previous sentence similar to this one, already is placed after ¨six o´clock¨ and is marked incorrect when placed after ¨is¨. Now we have the opposite happening!


Why do they divide up o'clock wrong. O' is historically an elision of 'of the' the apostrophe in English always indicates elision, and has no business sticking to any other word than the one missing letters

[deactivated user]

    This generally means, six in the morning, it can be in the evening in context, but we use 24h clock here.


    Yeah but no one here says "Kello on jo kahdeksantoista." It is often written as 18, but in speech we always say "kuusi", unless it's some specific time like an appointment at e.g. 18.15 which we can say "Kello kahdeksantoista viisitoista." to make sure does get marked correct for both parties.

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