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"Meine Freunde nennen mich so."

Translation:My friends call me that.

August 9, 2014



What is the point of "so"?


It's basically the "that" in the English sentence. "So" can mean "(like) this/that," z.B. "So etwas macht man nicht" - "One doesn't do something like that," "So ist es eben" - "That's just the way it is."


Why not "my friends call me thus". I'm a native english speaker and it sounds fine, if a little archaic


A slightly sticky subject.. English "thus" can be quite close to German "so", but as an English sentence, that's not expressing the same thing as the German sentence with "so".

"Wie heißen Sie denn, 'Professor Doktor Herr Bob'?" "Naja, meine Freunde nennen mich so."

"How can I call you, anyway, with a PHONE?" "Well, my friends call me thus."

Because English doesn't ask for names with "How are you called?" but rather "What...", and "thus" is an answer to "how", not "what".


"My friends call me thus" sounds awfully strange to me, another native English speaker. I'm not even sure what that would mean. Even in contexts where "thus" could be used, it is not a commonly used word. Plus, are you sure you're not thinking of the German word "also", which can often translate to "thus"?


That's not my name, but my friends call me so.

Edit: this comment should be a reply to Manny4us.


use difference between "nennen" and "heißen"?


"Heißen" is more like "to be called" - "Ich heiße Nicole" - literally: "I am called Nicole" but "My name is Nicole" is more natural. "Nennen" is the active form of that action "to call (someone something)" - "Er heißt Alexander, aber seine Freunde nennen ihn Alex" - "His name is Alexander, but his friends call him Alex."


Did anyone try 'That's what my friends call me?' I was just wondering if it would have been accepted.


Works for me! (:


Why is "my friends call me that way" not accepted? I feel that both "this way" and "that way" are correct.


Why this is not accepted : "my friends name me like that"


That sounds unnatural.


Would using das at the end of the sentence be just as good as so?


Meine Freunde nennen mich so = "My friends name me so" Meine Freunde heißen mich so = "My friends call me so" Miene Freunde heißen mich das = "My friends call me that" Nicht wahr? If I wanted to say: "My friends call me that", wouldn't my first choice be: "Miene Freunde heißen mich das"


It sounds like "nennen mir" instead of "nennen mich" ...

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