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" Onko myöhä? En osaa sanoa. Kello seisoo."

Translation:– Is it late? – I cannot say. The clock has stopped.

July 21, 2020



"I can't tell" should be an acceptable translation of "En osaa sanoa" FYI


Why "En osaa sanoa" rather than "En voi sanoa" for "I cannot say"?

[deactivated user]

    "En voi sanoa" would mean "I'm not allowed to tell you" or "I'm not able to tell you". "En osaa sanoa" means either "I'm not able to tell you" or "I don't know". In this context it should be "I don't know" NOT "I cannot say."


    They should have used "I cannot tell" that would mean exactly "I don't know" type of thing. Thank you for clarifying the Finnish version!

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